Success Stories

Appalachian Railcar Services, Inc.   ARS logo

Through industry knowledge and the leveraging of market insights and key relationships, FourFront developed an investment thesis in the area of freight and tank car repair. FourFront partnered with a leading middle-market private equity firm to execute on the thesis beginning in 2017 with a platform investment in Appalachian Railcar Services, Inc. (ARS).  ARS is one of the largest railcar repair shop networks in the US, operating in over 18 states and a leader in the highly specialized area of tank car repair and certification.

Coyote Sand, LLC

FourFront helped to develop the market analysis and business case for the mineral rights commercialization of over 2,500 acres of high quality silica sand reserves, uniquely located to serve both the energy and industrial markets.  Closed transaction in 2018, generating a significant return on the owner’s initial investment.

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